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Consumer Feedback

“Yes i have tried this software with great success! I have now made $2500 in the last week after investing $1000 into my forex account. I have also tried other Forex software such as Forex Funnel but lost money...”

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“In the space of one week of testing on my demo account, the robots made 28 trades and 27 of those trades ended up in profit (96% accuracy rate). I simulated with a starting capital of $1,000 and it ended the week on $1,175. Immediately I attached the robot to one of live accounts and today it is generating returns similar to that of my demo account”

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“FAP Turbo give me a PROOF REPORT that is absolutely incredible. It shows the new kid on the block, FapTurbo trade real monetary accounts in the sizes of $ 370 and $2,500 and it triples them more in under a month”

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General Information

Fap turbo is an automated forex trading software that proved to be profitable over the long term and to work well for both big and small size accounts. It generated a profit of over 5,000% in about 9 years of back testing.

Product Details

Fap Turbo is not the product of a well known forex guru but the hard work of three IT geeks, Mike, Ulrich and Steve. They were challenged by Marcus Leary, the creator of the well known ForexAutoPilot software, to improve his trading program. The condition was that, if they can do it, they will keep the new version.

The back tests and live trading results show that Fap Turbo produce greater returns and have a better winning rate than the original trading program.

Product Features:

- Higher returns than the original ForexAutoPilot
- Over 95% wining trades
- Easy to install
- Unlimited number of trading accounts
- 60 day money back guarantee

Price: $149 one time payment

Return Policy: 60 day money back guarantee



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